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Who I am…, who am I?

I was born in the Central Bohemian region, the central part of the Czech Republic. Year 1998 was the one I took my first breath. I touched a keyboard for the first time when I was 4 years old. Since then I played regularly at the piano lessons. I have always been very thankful to the Czech Republic in the respect that it provides very cheep and available education in arts. During these years I trained my technical skills on the easier classical pieces, but as the time had flown, I tried always a bit harder pieces, reaching for the masterpiece works of Bach, Beethoven, Scarlatti or Chopin.

It was Chopin, who caused my first fascination of the piano music. His music has always expressed many feelings and attitudes of man’s mind and it perfectly fits to my own personality. I have always been romantic person, rather than being devil, just as Beethoven was, or fascinated by the barocco’s forms of music expression. Romanticism started to amaze me, as I got to learn more and more romantic pieces. I remember myself playing Mendelssohn-Bartholdy’s Duett ohne Worte and the positivity and optimism I felt while playing this particular piece.

Romanticism, the first inspiration

It took me a lot of time and much effort to find out as much information as possible about my favorite composers, Chopin or Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. To successfully try to interpret Schubert’s music, that lasted even more. I started to love his music when I reached 17. The Russian school has never interested me as much, however I admire many Russian composers. The Czech genius, Dvořák, did not compose much of his music for piano, but Smetana did. And he became one of my favs.

Classical music? I like it, but…

I was always impressed by the abilities of classical composers, how they were able to combine all the voices, melodies, efficiently apply harmonies. However, I have always found some weaknesses of classical music so important that I could not ignore them. Their concerts were always long and it was embarrassing to make some noise during the concert, people have to stay quiet and calmly stay sitting in the uncomfortable seats. It is also so hard for many people to understand the classical music, it is almost impossible to strive for it. And all these issues caused the transformation of my point of view. I started to admire the simple, neo-classical, sometimes called New Age Classical music.

The fact that it followed its ancestor (classical music) I always find positive. It don’t try to combine disharmonies, but there was new thing I found crucial. You don’t have to follow the rules. Nobody can tell you off if you don’t follow the rules, since very often there are no rules. And when you compose your own music, you are the person who would have given the rules.

2015, new inspiration, new music

In 2015, I started to focus more on the art of improvisation and New Age composition. At this time there appeared new people who inspired me. These people were pianists such as Robin Spielberg, Brian Kelly or Jeff Bjorck. But I came back to the biggest inspiration of them all, them I have ever had. By a small coincidence it was somewhere around my 4 years of age, when I heard her music for the first time. My dad had shown me her CD, it was her new release called A Day Without Rain. When I was young, I loved many pieces from that album. But I have always hated one of the tracks, Only Time. I listened to her music continually, I bought other of her CD’s, such as The Memory of Trees, Shepherd Moons or Amarantine. I hope you have already found out her name, it was Enya (Eithne Ní Bhraonáin).

In 2015 I realised that the inspiration that comes to me is based on the basics of Eithne’s music. I came back more and more to her music and every time I ever heard her music, I was feeling like flying in the skies, between the clouds, full of optimism and inpiration to improvise, to compose, to play. During the summer of 2015, I recorded my first album. Lost in the Wind was the debut. An album full of improvisations, on the popular songs as well as on my own inspirations. As the amount of time since the recording is growing, I’m finding out more and more I would have changed if I did it again. But I have never regretted recording it and I know for sure I wouldn’t ever regret it. It has so significantly contributed to my character of music.

End of 2015

After the recording of the album I needed a break. It was the need for time without the previously recorded album. Then came November 20, the day of Enya’s release. Dark Sky Island. I loved it since the first time I had heard it. Not only it did not disappoint, it suprised me. It was the old Enya, but something was even more beautiful than before. This release led me to show my own recordings and release them on the CD. I didn’t expect it to be famous and I didn’t want to, but I loved the feeling that people listen to my music and comment on it, love it and feel it.

Year 2016

In 2016, there have not been any time to focus on composing and recording at all. It has not ended yet and I plan to record my second, own album, full of my own compositions. At the beginning of 2016, I founded a website called Klaviatura (=keyboard of the piano). I tried to bring the piano music here, in the Czech Republic, closer to people. And I think I was successfull, at least to some extent. I got to know some famous pianists, I got the chance to see some extraordinary performances and enjoy many times with music.

I have been trying to show that being New Age pianist does not necessarily mean that I would be a bad classical pianist at all. I focused on the hardest classical pieces and I composed some new works, trying to join the classical and New Age world even closer together. I have already composed some New Age Etudes, and I am looking forward to seeing what other compositions will be created in the closest future. As well as I keep being inspired by Enya and keep playing the piano, composing, and mainly keep being optimistic.